February 13, 2014


Alyssa Nicole Spring 2014 Short Film

This season I had a concept for a fashion film before designing my Spring 14 collection. My concept was 'White Noise' and I interpret 'white noise' as an anxious feeling. I had just finished reading The Bell Jar and felt I could relate to the feeling of silence within myself and inadequacy and being trapped within my own bell jar. I told all this to Dex and he somehow managed to create a short film which is the closest example I could give you to being inside my actual brain.

This season I decided to take the plunge and give you guys the real me. I wanted to give you a lookbook and film that illustrates exactly what I was feeling. For several seasons I let others take the rope on artistic direction because I didn't know if my concepts would appeal to others, but this season I got exactly what I wanted. I think the problem is I haven't explained that my inspiration comes from flawed beauty - I always imagine my designs in more unsettling situations. Which is why I choose to shoot in locations that add contrast my feminine designs. For some reason I just feel more comfortable shooting in these bizarre locations that have a sort of dysfunctional energy attached to them- it all comes together into a soft dreamy world. A world of whimsy that I envision when sketching out designs and putting together a mood board. Watch the film & let me know what you think.

 xx- Alyssa Nicole

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